This image is owned and copyrighted by Vanishing Point Galleries.Vanishing Point Galleries - Aerial Real Estate PhotographyVanishing Point Galleries is the premiere real estate photographer in the Tampa Bay area. Let us help you make first impressions that last.

Why Should I Get Aerial Photography?

Aside from it being really cool?  Well, man has always had a desire to fly but unfortunately was not endowed with wings.  How do we solve this dilemma you ask?  Technology.  At Vanishing Point Galleries, we have bridged that gap in the real estate photography market so your clients don't need to grow wings.  Nothing is quite as impressive to a potential client than viewing their home and the entire surrounding area in one amazing photograph.  Talk about first impressions!  You now can show any surrounding features that can add value to the home that they would not be able to see otherwise.  If the home is near water, why try to explain this in the text description when you can show them?  Anyone can say a home is near water, nature, the city, or whatever else adds value.  It doesn't quite hit home until they see it for themselves.  Not to mention, seeing an aerial photograph triggers a primal Pavlovian response in prospective buyers to stop and take a second look, which may be enough time for them to want to see more.  That's the power of these type of photographs!  They may pass by a ground-level photo, but I guarantee they will stop and take another look at a 200-foot aerial photograph.

It's just human nature...


What Aerial Photography Options Does Vanishing Point Galleries Offer?

Low-Level Aerial Photographs

1-5 Front Exterior Stills (Up to 25 feet high)

During your normal scheduled photo shoot with one of our professional photographers, we will bring our giant 25 foot tripod that looks like it came straight out of a Sci Fi movie.  This isn't your jerry-rigged setup where you attach a camera with duct tape to a broom handle, shoot, and pray.  I've actually seen this...  Our equipment is top-of-the-line and is used in professional sporting events.  We have a remote-controlled mount for the camera that allows us to adjust the camera position and take the photo to get the perfect shot every time.  We are the ONLY real estate photographers in greater Tampa Bay area that can give you an aerial photograph that is processed with Multi-Image Blending techniques since we can achieve multiple identical photos.


High-Level Aerial Photographs

5-10 Front and Rear Exterior Stills (Up to 400 feet high)

This is definitely our most popular aerial option for good reasons.  Not only does it give your home that extra edge we spoke about earlier, but we make it very affordable.  Our goal is to give EVERY listing the opportunity to have a spectacular aerial shot, not just high-end real estate listings.

This is a separate photo shoot than the normally scheduled photo shoot since we will need to schedule our pilot to fly over your home.  Our pilot will have an eagle-eye view of your home and determine the best angles in the front and back to showcase your home and the surrounding features.  Whether the home is near a lake or has a beautiful nature view, we can capture this in each photograph to give you some of the most amazing photographs that people will talk about.  Even if the home is not directly next to the feature you want to showcase, we can typically fly high enough to capture the home and the features in the same shot.



The Final Product

 I'll let the photos speak for themselves.