Why Should I Get Twilight Photographs?        


Ask yourself, how many photographs of Las Vegas do you see taken in the daytime?

This is because we, as human beings, have an innate fascination with lights and shiny objects.  We can't explain it, but it draws us to it like moths to a flame.

As a real estate agent, it is your duty to use this knowledge to make potential clients want to stop and see more!  Let's face it, you only have a split second to capture their attention as they look through the thousands of other prospects.


What better way to make a first impression than to showcase stunning twilight photographs of the home at it's most beautiful moment.  We, at Vanishing Point Galleries like to call it the "magic hour"...  I think we made this term up, but it sounds impressive, right?


What Happens During A Twilight Photo Shoot?

A twilight photo shoot is a separate photo shoot that is done when the sun is just setting, but right before it get's completely dark.  This way we can see the landscape, some of the blue in the sky, and still get the reflections from the lights.  There is a lot of complex math equations and calculations that have to happen to get the perfect timing, but we don't want to bore you with the details...

We typically will arrive about 30 minutes early to get everything set up ahead of time.  Since there is a very short window of time to get the photographs, everything has to be prepped and ready to go.  To get the most impact out of the photographs, we ask that all the external and internal lights be turned on and all window covers open.  We will also need access to an outlet to plug in our lighting equipment.  This will help add highlights and shadows to the photograph that give it that extra wow factor.

Since you can see through the windows at night when the lights are on, we ask that the residents don't stand in front of a window because their shiny faces will end up in the photo...unless that is what you want.  You can tell them to hide in the bathroom, the closet, the attic, or pretend to be a human lamp.  However you do it, we just want the windows to be clear of any objects that will block the interior lights.