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Why Professional Photography in Today's Real Estate Market?

April 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Today, almost all real estate advertising occurs online.  Whether it's potential home buyers looking up properties themselves or receiving notification emails through MLS.  In either case, the home buyer's first look at the property will be through the computer screen.  A good article was posted by Forbes if you want to check it out. During this process, they go through so many listings that they have to weed out the "bad" properties at first glance.  They don't have time to open and read all the listings.  I've seen so many real estate agents rush to get the listing up on MLS that they decide to take some quick cell pictures and post it.  I mean, what's the difference?   These smart phones have to be so advanced nowadays that they can produce comparable results, right?  And, the potential home buyer is going to end up taking a tour anyways, so why bother...


Well, my friend, there is a huge difference and you SHOULD bother if you care about selling that house anytime soon!  It doesn't matter how beautiful the house looks in person, the home buyer will NEVER KNOW because they will pass your listing by quicker than an anorexic passes by a buffet!  Your listing will be thrown into that notorious "bad" pile, which in internet terms means deleted or wiped from memory. 


Why though?  My cell phone pictures aren't that bad, are they?


I'm not telling you this because I am a professional photographer and trying to sell you (though maybe hinting a little...), I am telling you this as a concerned citizen.  This blasphemy must stop!  It looks sooooo bad!!!  I mean, seriously, that crooked, dark, pixelated monstrosity is supposed to entice someone to drive all the way over there and do a walkthrough?  Don't kid yourself. 


All the big players in the real estate game know how important it is to make a first impression these days.  If you don't believe me, take a look at the top agents listings and find one that doesn't look professionally done.  They realize the importance and know they have only a split second to capture a potential home buyer's attention as they pass through hundreds of potential candidates.  So, they invest a small one-time amount to get that listing sold ASAP so they can move on to others.  It's a numbers game.  I don't think any real estate agent wants to hold a listing for months and months.  They want to get rid of it as fast as possible.


Think about it...when a real estate listing goes up on the market, it is typically at the highest market price it can be to be profitable and still be enticing.  What happens over time when the listing sits on the market too long?  Well, real estate agents will typically reduce the price of the home to try and capture attention.  I admit, you probably can reduce a home price so low that you don't need photographs at all and still get plenty of traffic.  But that's not the game, is it?  The lower the listing price goes, the less commission you get.  The longer it sits, the more advertising costs you need to pay to try and drive traffic.


Our solution is much quicker and will most likely save you a lot of money, time, and headaches.  Think of us as your one-time advertising costs.  Our slogan is "First Impressions that Last" and we stand behind this 100%.  We make sure that your listing is represented in the best possible light that it can be.  We not only have the highest quality photographs in the business, we have options like high-level aerial photographs or twilight photographs that can make all the difference!  Imagine looking through a bunch of boring front-of-house shots and then seeing an aerial shot that shows the house and nearby lake!  Maybe I could go fishing or sit out and relax and enjoy the view.  Or imagine seeing a house right before it gets completely dark with all the lights shining out, inviting you to come in and take a load off.  Those kind of photographs invoke a strong emotion and are designed to stop the home buyer in their tracks and make them want to see/read more.  Of course, once they see the rest of the beautiful photographs of the home, they will be compelled to pick up the phone and schedule that oh-so-important walkthrough.  


So, back to the original question.  Why can't I just take some quick cell phone pics and post it to MLS?  I'll leave you to answer that question... 


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